Investigations of the Molly McTynker Thefts
Kali hunts down the renown thief

Kali investigates the various thefts of Molly McTynker’s treasures.

Below is the list of Lords and nobles who have been robbed in the order they were robbed:

Lady Avery
-Lady Avery is an avid mask collector. She immediately purchased the veil and mask once the Heroes Guild began to auction it. It wasn’t very long until she got robbed of the mask, along with a few other enchanted masks. Lady Avery says that the robbery occurred at night, through the window. A few servants mentioned that there was a tapping noise at the windows during the night, but nothing was found at the time.

Sir Pilotte
Sir Loin
Sir Ruadson

Patron Ham
-Most recent of the attacks. He purchased a painting and a figurine that was found at the Ramshorn Abbey. The most useful information he provided was that he saw a bird at the window right before the break-in.

Below are other nobles who have purchased pieces of the McTynker Treasure:

Lord Alfeo
Lady Kelandra
Lord Madron
Baron D’Orange
Patron Denby

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