Molly McTynker

A bandit leader from Fiore who had died long ago... or has she?


Nearly 50 years ago, there arose in the fen country a bandit group known as the Band of the Black Veils. They were so named for their habit of hiding their faces behind black cloth coverings. Their leader was a mysterious woman of human height but uncertain heritage. She had a cunning mind and great charisma. Her black veil hid most of her face, showing only her eyes, which glittered with cold fire like two diamonds. Rumors about the Black Veils’ leader abounded: “She is a medusa,” said some. “She is a half-fiend,” said others. “She is a half-fiend medusa,” said still others. This mysterious leader was none other than Molly McTynker.

The band had stayed in the area until they were able to sack Ramshorn Abbey, a church designed for Avagor. This was their base of operations for no more than six months when they were routed by their various rivals in the area. Most of their treasures were dug up and distributed, but there were always legends that Molly’s true treasure was still hidden.

The abbey was thought to be haunted by her evil spirit, but it turned out it was actually just a spirit naga and a few willow wisps luring and killing adventurers. Godsmack finally routed the new residents of the abbey and claimed Molly’s treasures.

Upon their return to Tariff and selling off the artifacts, a slew of robberies swept through the city, striking only the houses that had purchased goods from the party. Many nobles have been harassed and robbed, including the Hero’s Guild and the Temple of Paleen. The few witnesses who have seen anything of the robber claim it is a veiled woman with shining eyes. However, these sightings are brief and making the nobles hysterical, making more than one or two turn every corner in fear.

Godsmack has been hired by the Guild in order to find what is robbing them all and deal with the issue.

Molly McTynker

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