The Pilgrim

A middle aged priest in the town of Tariff, preacher of Avagor, swearing to find his resting place


The Pilgrim is a priest of Avagor preaching around Tariff the words of Avagor and his ways. He offers solace to those who lost their loved ones in the attack only a few months ago, protection that the Temple of Paleen dare not promise. He has performed miracles in the name of Avagor and has steadily been increasing the faith in the city, either by drawing away followers from Paleen or by converting the unfaithful. With his intellect and Avagor’s knowledge he has argued with wizards publicly and other philosophers about the existence of Avagor and other gods.

The Pilgrim is known by no other name, bearing his anonymity in the sake of his faith – he wants no face, just to bring souls to Avagor.

He has petitioned the city to allow a temple of Avagor be built in the town walls, but he lacks the necessary funding. However, his coffers have been filled and has been filled enough to allow him to create a shrine, many have said. It will be many months before that occurs, but it is rumored that it is underway – particularly since some of the politicians have been swayed by his rhetoric.

The Pilgrim has been staying at the Dragon Teeth Inn and is assisted by a acolyte of the faith by the name of Elucidea. Verily, a young priest of Avagor from [[Trackem], is extremely concerned about the nature of The Pilgrim and is worried about how the faith is being taught. He is unsure of The Pilgrim’s intentions and why he has not contacted the major church in Trackem. Verily came to Tariff with Godsmack to town and is set to investigate the man behind the movement.

The Pilgrim

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