Thorin "Goldarm" Scaeva

Golden armed spear user from Keyport


Golden Spear [magical]

Golden Arm [magical]
The golden arm that Thorin has has many special properties as it was custom made and then blessed by the gods.
-The palm of the hand is rough and textured, much like a file. This allows him to catch weapons and can sunder them
-Not used often, but rumored that the sapphire gem in the arm actually can summon torrential waters
-The gem is also said to provide a form of protective shield for him or around him
-The gem is also available to create a disc of force that he can travel on
-The arm is fully flexible and operates as any other limb he has
-Despite the gold, it does not conduct electricity very well
-It has never seen to be damaged in any shape or form


Thorin Scaeva was born and raised as a poor fisherman in Keyport and is the older brother to Katherine Scaeva. His life was rather unremarkable – great family, however poor, working from a young age, lived as any fisherman’s son would, sailing on the ocean waters, fishing and tending to the household duties whenever father was out of town buying supplies.

Nearly a score of winters had settled on Thorin’s life before everything changed. By then he already purchased his own skimmer and worked along his own father for his own wages (but being sure to cut his father some money then and again). Kate, feeling trapped in her father’s hut, had run away from home to pursue a life of fun, song and dance. She had begun to feel restless after their mother’s death due to illness one cold winter. Her father knew not how to keep the girl in check so she run off.

Finishing one of the last good nights available for fishing in the late fall he heard his father call to him from shore. After the last haul he quickly sped his boat over to his waiting father.
His father would not give him many details, but Thorin knew something was wrong. Thorin’s father asked for all the money that Thorin had and promised to pay it all back within a year. Without question, Thorin emptied every chest and drawer in his home and gave it to his father. After promising not to pursue he waited until the early morning light before checking on his father’s hovel. It wasn’t long before he realized that something was terribly amiss.

Thorin doesn’t discuss many details after this, but it is gathered that his father was slain by some thugs who had kidnapped Kate. After asking around for a day or so, he was able to gather who had kidnapped her and rushed to where they were known to be seen. However, the young man was not ready for the thieves den he came into. He returned, battered, wounded and with his left hand completely shattered. He went home and did the only thing he could do: Pray.

He prayed to the Ocean and asked for a way to save his sister and reclaim her honor, and his own. He dreamt that night of the small forge meant for mending nails and making ship components behind his home. And gold shined bright in his dream. He sold his ship, his home and his first skimmer for enough gold to melt down and produce his arm. But it was not enough. He was loathe to sell any of his father’s things, but he had to – that is, until his neighbors began to pile gold, silver and anything of value at his doorstep to melt down and to sell. Fueled by the compassion of the people and the will of his god he, who knew nothing of crafting, forged a new arm while his flesh one was wrapped against his side.

Again, Thorin skips details and merely mentions that he attached his new arm and it worked magically. He took his father’s spear and harpoon and a neighbor’s suit of leather armor (retired militiaman) and took on the entire gang of landed shoremen and crooks. It was too late to save his sister from harm, though. Thorin only mentions that she had her eyes burned away by the gods to not endure the pain that the men were inflicting upon her.

After that, he was known as a local hero in Keyport, often lauded and seen as a protector of her citizens. For several years he remained and performed his tasks as a fisherman and praying to the ocean and keeping parts of the city free of crime. It was during this time that he was known as “Goldarm.”

After a few years of adventuring with his troublesome sister, he ran into Godsmack and helped them on a few quests. In return, Marco and Lilly Coldbright came to his aid to save his sister from Blit.

Thorin "Goldarm" Scaeva

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