Young priest of Avagor from Trackem


He is a prim and proper young priest of Avagor from Trackem. Though “young” he is actually in his late twenties, though he is largely naive and indignant – he follows close to the letter of the law.

Verily is the second in command of the temple, second to Termilin.

The major skills he possesses is the knowledge of most of Avagor’s laws and traditions. He is also very knowledgeable on plant life, medicines and other medical subjects. He is naturally a potent healer.

Recently, Verily had asked Godsmack to go to Tariff to seek out [[:The Pilgrim]]. Rumors of The Pilgrim setting up a temple in Tariff is troubling for Verily and his master because they know nothing about this man and the two are the only ones keeping the only temple of Avagor running. After traveling with Godsmack to town, he decided to set up his camp at The Dancing Willow.



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